Call us for a call-out

Be it fairly soon after an install, or years down the line, something may go awry but we are here to help.

We are only a small company and do not offer 24-hour call outs, but we always try to solve any problems over the phone saving you a call out charge. 


We are happy to look at any gate system, not just our own installs and offer the best and most economic way to get you working again.

See the information below for help on what may be causing a problem with your gate system and easy ways to fix yourself.

Please have a read of the following before we visit (as you may not require a call out):

Ensure power is getting to the gates.

The following indicates the gates are receiving power:

 - The keypad/intercom is lit up

 - When waving your hands in front of your sensors one of them is making a clicking noise.

If no power is getting to the gates please check your fuse spur or RCD breaker to make sure this has not tripped.

If the gates will open, but will not close:

Please check the safety beams are not obstructed by anything, for example, leaves, branches, bins etc. 

If they are,  please remove the obstruction and try the gate again. 

If the gates have no power getting to them and the sensors are not blocked:

If you are still experiencing issues and you have checked the power and sensors, this may require a call-out. Please contact us to arrange this. 

In the meantime, you will be able to use your gates manually by using the manual release key we provided at your installation. 

Opening Times

We're here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm