Terms and Conditions

All customer’s requiring a quotation will receive the following Terms and Conditions as part of that quotation.

Quote Duration

Quotations are valid for 3 months from the date written.

Abortive Call Costs

Please note that there is a charge for calling to site Yorkshire Electric Gates Limited to undertake work that cannot be achieved due to circumstances beyond the control of Yorkshire Electric Gates Limited. Examples of this being that the site is not in readiness for the work to be undertaken or there are particular obstructions to the work being undertaken.

Method of operation

Where a full installation is being undertaken, our preferred approach is to undertake a first fix, usually one site day and a second fix, usually one site day.

The first fix includes installation of posts where necessary, all ground works and all cabling. On completion of the first fix, there will be no further disturbance to the ground, and if necessary, the customer is then able to undertake other work to the drive, as all ground works by ourselves have been completed.

Having undertaken the first fix we are able to ensure that all measurements and details for the gate are accurate and correct.

Between the first fix and the second fix, this time is allocated to the manufacture of the gates (whether wooden or steel) this time may vary according to the time of year and the work already planned in, however it is usually about three weeks.