Sliding Gate Safety

We prefer to discuss electric gate safety directly with our customers, specifically relating to their installation. Therefore please call us to find out more or ask us any questions.

Safety and the Law

All machines placed on the market in the European Union have a legal requirement to comply with the EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

In the UK this European Law is implemented by The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992. This regulation requires all machines to meet a set of “essential health and safety requirements” and to be CE marked as proof of compliance.

In this context, all automated gates are classified as machines under these regulations and manufacturers, suppliers, installers and users of automated gates within the EU must ensure they comply with legislation.

Our Approach

Automated sliding gates can be dangerous and we take the safety of these machines very seriously. We think our customers should too. All our electric gates are installed to the highest standard and have force and sensitivity controls fitted. We also insist on additional safety features such as an emergency stop button. It is essential electric gates are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure their continued safe operation. Please contact us to arrange a safety check or service.

We will always perform a risk assessment and discuss risks with a client, ensuring those risks can be mitigated against where possible.

Customers are responsible for post installation maintenance and servicing to ensure the gates continue to operate as at the time of installation. For more information on our maintenance and servicing options please see our servicing page.

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